A Night To Remember

2015-09-04 01:55:26

One of my favourite things about working as an escort is how different my experiences with clients can be. Some want to stay in and relax, others want to experience London's nightlife and some want you to accompany them to a glitzy event. It's hard to choose which kind of date I like the best – it depends on my client's mood and how long I'm going to be spending time with them. There is something special about dressing up and spending the evening on a handsome man's arm though – and last week, I got to do just that.


My client was looking for a glamorous brunette in the Bayswater area, so the agency recommended me straight away. The gentleman in question, Leo, also had a penchant for busty ladies. Now, I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a slim figure that's curvy in all the right places – especially my natural 34D breasts. I knew that Leo would like what he saw – and I in turn was thrilled when I found out what our date would entail. I was to accompany Leo to a swanky party thrown by his company at a top London hotel, followed by an overnight stay in one of the suites.


I knew that I would have to dress to impress for an occasion like this. I decided that a little black dress would be perfect for the party; after all, you just can't go wrong with something that timeless and elegant. I decided to go for black underwear too, and rifled through my collection to find something sensational. My favourite black basque and thong paired with a lacy suspender belt made my cleavage and curves look sensational. I knew it would be perfect for a night in one of the city's best hotels.


When I met up with Leo at the hotel that evening, I was certainly impressed. Handsome, confident and dressed to the nines – he was just my kind of guy! We hit it off straight away, and our flirty banter continued long into the evening. So great was our rapport in fact, one of his colleagues even asked how long we'd been dating! Leo turned to me and winked. “It hardly seems like any time at all!” he told his workmate. The fact I was an escort was our little secret, and I was all too happy to play along. 


When we made it back to the hotel room later on, we'd certainly become familiar with each other – even sharing a passionate kiss in the lift. Leo unzipped my dress as we stood in front of the bed and let out a low whistle when he saw my underwear. As brushed my long hair out of the way to undo my basque, I knew that this wouldn't be the last time we spent some time together. To tell you the truth, I was already looking forward to our next date.


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