Reunited on Baker Street

2015-08-27 02:23:57


After one of my gorgeous fellow escorts raved about Paddington last week, I thought it was only fair that my part of town got a look in. I'm a Baker Street girl, and for quite some time now I've been entertaining the men of Westminster at my apartment. In fact, the client I was booked to spend the evening with yesterday was one of my first ever bookings as an escort. So understandably, I was pretty excited to see if that spark that I'd remembered for all those years was still there!


René is a French businessmen who used to live in London before moving back to his home country a few years ago. Only now, he's back in town for a few weeks to oversee an important deal. When he contacted the escort agency, he asked for me by name – and I was incredibly flattered. As well as showing them a great time while you're together, you want your clients to cherish those memories long after you've parted ways – and René certainly had! When he learnt that I was still working in the area and was available that evening, he was overjoyed. To tell you the truth, so was I! I've always had a weakness for European men, and René was the typical French gent – charming, well-groomed and incredibly sexy.


I wanted to make sure that I was well prepared for the evening of fun that was ahead, so I popped out to Oxford Street to stock up on a few essentials. Champagne? Check. Candles? Check. I also treated myself to a pair of silky French knickers and some red lipstick. After all, I couldn't have René feeling homesick. I made my way home, purchases in hand, and was filled with excitement about the night ahead. Passing the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussauds, I knew that  René and I would also have plenty to do if he wanted to rediscover the magic of the area on another date. First of all though, I had to make sure that tonight was a complete success.


By the time the doorbell rang that evening, I was fully prepared. René was just as handsome as I remembered. “Bonjour,” he said, kissing me on both cheeks. My French was a little rusty, so I hoped that me leading him to my bedroom with some champagne glasses in hand would get my point across. Judging by how quickly I heard the front door close behind me, it certainly worked!


Over the next few hours, René and I caught up. He was just as flirtatious as he was when we'd first met all those years ago – and those long gazes and compliments were certainly working their magic on me. After we finished the champagne, I decided that it was time to see just how well I remembered what René liked in a woman. Taking his hand, I placed it at the top of my thigh, just where the lace hem of my French knickers brushed against my skin. As he edged his hand further upwards, I decided that a night in on Baker Street was definitely one of the best things London had to offer! 


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