Three is a Magic Number

2015-08-13 05:46:48

I look forward to every single appointment I have with my clients – but there's something a little bit special about sharing that experience with another escort. I'm really lucky in that I get along brilliantly with all of the girls here, and I often find myself picking up a thing or two when I work with them!


My first ever time working alongside another escort is something that I'll remember forever. You couldn't say I was inexperienced at this point, but I'd never shared a client with another escort before. I wasn't sure what to expect in all honesty! My (or rather, our) client that night was a gentleman called Robert who was celebrating his 40th birthday. He clearly wanted to pull out all the stops for this special occasion, so myself and one of my beautiful colleagues were sent to give him a birthday present to remember.


I'd always found this escort attractive. With her dark hair, olive skin and curvaceous figure, she was the perfect contrast to me, a petite blonde. Robert had requested we dress in little black dresses for the occasion, and we thought we'd go the extra mile when it came to what was underneath. Red, lacy bras and French knickers topped off with silky stockings were the order of the day – the perfect  surprise for the birthday boy.


When we arrived at the client's bachelor pad in Chelsea, I was buzzing with excitement. My fellow escort had done this before, and told me all about how this was going to be a night to remember. So when Robert answered the door, I must have been grinning from ear to ear! We followed him inside and were led upstairs to his bedroom. As soon as I laid eyes on his king-sized bed my imagination started to run wild. Robert must have sensed my enthusiasm, as he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for us to join him.


“I never imagined you'd both be this beautiful,” he said, toying with the strap of my dress. As his other hand found its way to my thigh, I felt another trace along my neck. Impulsively, I leant over to kiss my dark-haired companion, much to Robert's delight. We began to undress, and as we revealed our matching underwear to Robert, he told us exactly what he'd like for his birthday. We'd both discussed what we'd like to happen that night, and we were all completely on the same wavelength. Standing up together, we reached for the clasps on each other's bras and let them fall to the floor. Turning back towards Robert, we asked him if he liked what he saw. I'm sure that you can imagine what his reaction was!


I still look back on that night fondly. Not only was it one of my most memorable experiences as an escort, but it introduced me to a whole new way of pleasing a client. When I work with another escort, I know that it's going to be a great night for all of us – and that's why I can't wait to be booked as part of a duo again.


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