When in Paddington…

2015-08-20 01:15:10

I've been based in Paddington ever since I started working as an escort, and it's my favourite part of London by far. With its shops, bars and close proximity to the West End, it's really got it all. One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to talk a walk along the canal and have a wander around Little Venice. On a sunny day you'll even find me topping up my tan at the waterside.

In fact, sunbathing was exactly what I was doing when I got the call. A new client wanted to meet me that evening – and he had just moved to the area. Knowing that I had plenty of knowledge of the area, the agency suggested me straight away. Luckily, Adam, the gentleman in question, was also a fan of brunettes, so the agency had certainly picked the right girl for him.  

Adam had just moved into a flat in the area, but seeing as he hadn't unpacked properly yet, we agreed to meet at a local hotel. Meeting at a neutral location like a hotel is great for those, like Adam, who haven't hired an escort before. If you don't want to reveal where you live or just don't want to put up with nosy neighbours, I'd always urge my clients to book a hotel room rather than denying themselves a night of fun. I suggested the Royal Park Hotel, as I'd stayed there numerous times and loved the intimate, luxurious atmosphere – and it's just minutes away from Paddington Station.  

When I met Adam that evening, I was instantly attracted to him. Tall and red-haired, he looked like a real fox – something I told him later on! He had moved to the area to start a new job, and was keen to have a night of fun and relaxation to ease his nerves. As we made our way to our room, I told him that I'd do whatever I could to make his first week in London one to remember. His answering smile said all I needed to know.

For the first hour or so of our time together, we just got to know each other over a few glasses of wine. As we grew more comfortable, we started to undress and he asked me if I'd be able to give him a massage. Now, I'm renowned for these, so I was more than happy to oblige. As I slowly ran my hands over his body, I knew that I didn't want the night to end there. So I leant over to whisper in his ear, my bare breasts touching his back. “How about you tell me what you've always wanted to do in London?” While I'll leave what happened between the two of us in that hotel room, you can rest assured that he felt very much at home after our time together. For me, a happy client is the ultimate perk of the job; so you can say that this was one of my favourite nights out in my local area.  

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