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When you're here you won't want to leave, especially if you socialise with the community and hook up with one of the lovely escorts in Lancaster Gate. Everyone here sports a happy-go-lucky attitude when going around their day to day lives, it's almost infectious too so if you're not feeling the positive atmosphere, you soon will!

Lancaster Gate is a mid 19th century development right in the heart of Bayswater. It is immediately north of Kensington Gardens and consists of two long terraces of houses overlooking the park. The wide gap between the terraces then opens up to a wonderful square plot of land which contains a church in it. Lancaster Gate stands alongside the Hyde Park gardens as one of the two greatest and grandest 19th-century housing schemes. If you ever have the privilege of touring the area, then please do, you cannot escape the wonder of Lancaster Gate and the beauty that it holds.

If you're not in the mood to visit any attractions in area then that's fine as well. You can just retire to somewhere a bit more personal, a place where you and your dreamy companion can get to know each other a little bit more personally. The Lancaster Gate hotel is an excellent facility as it provides you with all of the amenities you may need to have a pleasurable experience when you stay there. Our escorts who reside in Lancaster gate would definitely recommend it.