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02/07/2014 Nika review submited by Sandy (3 reviews)

Mika is just insanely sexy, mint girl with a really unpredictable side to hear which you'll really have some fun getting to know. She looks like a supermodel and has the personality of an angel.

02/07/2014 Jannet review submited by Tom (1 review)

When I booked Jannet didn't know what to expect as I'd asked for her to dress up because I wanted to treat myself and her to a Dinner. When she arrived at where we were eating she looked stunning, a gorgeous black dress that caught every mans eye as she walked in. I felt cool as well, having the most attractive woman in the restaurant with me isn't something I always get to enjoy. The company that Jannet provides was amazing, exactly everything I wanted & more. She's a fiesty one when you get her all alone too!

02/07/2014 Alice review submited by Nicky (1 review)

The best part about Alice is her figure, I could not go twenty seconds without starring at it and feeling the need to touch it. Her tight and toned stomach, her curvaceous yet sports bust and thighs, her leggy appearance, everything! I was left mouth watering after the session. She will be the next escort that I buy

20/12/2014 Beatrice review submited by Nolan (1 review)

Fantastic girl with a great attitude for life. She looked stunning just as I imagined she would according to her pictures. No lies there!!! We had a great time I can surely highly recommend her. Thanks Beatrice!!! See you soon. Nolan

27/12/2014 Lilia review submited by Patric (1 review)

Lilia was very nice and smiley which always helps to break the ice. I could not have wish for more as she entertained me to the highest of expectations with nothing left in the tank at the end. I was well 'drained' and greatly 'balanced' after our naughty escaped in her lovely flat. Thanks Lilia.

27/12/2014 Nika review submited by Johnson (3 reviews)

Nika was nothing short of a miracle, a real tease as well as a sexy kitten. My fairy tale has ended with a big smile as it should in all happy endings. Great girl, great fun, very very pleasing and giving. I was totally satisfied and surely be in touch with LEG4U again very soon.

11/01/2015 Katy review submited by Tobias (1 review)

I visited Katy few times before from this agency and as always she was amazingly friendly and pleasing in the same time. Highly recommended.

11/01/2015 Nika review submited by Timothy (3 reviews)

Very naughty open minded anything goes...wowww.. delicious.

20/02/2015 Giselle review submited by Pablo (1 review)

I cant even imagine choosing anybody, but Giselle for a perfect GFE. I have been around as an experience 'costumer', however, it is really hard to find an escort with intellect paired with beauty and style, well she has it all. Top Top Girl.Thanks

20/02/2015 Delisha review submited by Franz (1 review)

Oh dear God, this girl looks like just stepped of from a swim suit calendar's front page.A stunning young lady with excellent command in English and in the bedroom as well. My most adored experience so far with an escort in the city of London. Thanks LEG4U, I will be in touch again soon.

21/05/2015 Leona review submited by Richard (1 review)

Her location was easy to find, Leona is an Exotic looking girl with good conversational skills and good technique. I enjoyed my time with her. Thanks

30/05/2015 Milana review submited by Josh (1 review)

What a stunner sexy girl!!! Milana looks 100 % as her pictures no lies there!!! Great time fun girl.

31/05/2015 Daria review submited by Alan (1 review)

There is no competition, Daria is the best London escort I have ever visited. Highly recommended no other for me...

31/05/2015 Aisha review submited by Micheal (2 reviews)

I was shy at my visit to Aisha, as it was my first time, however, after spent some time with her I came to terms with my shortcomings as regards to women and pleasures all together. She opened my eyes and help me get to drop some ‘baggage’ I have carried for a while. Thanks for a good time, talk and of course the 'treatment' beautiful Aisha.

15/06/2015 Rosalina review submited by Bear (1 review)

Date: 15/6/2015 Visit :Incall Duration : 1 hour Looks : 7 - - (much Darker than photos and definitely with a longer nose. Performance : 3 - In the middle of sex (literally in the middle) she said "excuse me" and got up to answer a text. Needless to say that I lost interest. And if this is not bad enough, then her English is tending to zero so there is no communication whatsoever. I through money to the toilet.

19/07/2015 Aisha review submited by Alan (2 reviews)

I remember seeing girls like Aisha when I was watching shows of Exotic countries. But to see her in life was a completely different experience altogether. She is truly beautiful with a personality to match her stunning exterior. She make me feel very welcomed and had great conversational skills which put me at ease from the first moment till the last. Could not be happier....

19/07/2015 Sisi review submited by Andrew (1 review)

Stunning-blond-tall and very naughty.What more one can ask for? Sisi and me have had a great time and good fun. XXX